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To get closer, we have decided to create the Khmer Scholars website and blog and find it very useful to all Cambodian students, human resources and scholars, especially Cambodians whom have been pursuing their degree not only in Cambodia but also somewhere around the world to get informed about the education and scholarship news.

As you can see its menus, this blog shows you all information about education, e-learning, economy, business and management, social science, humanity, engineering, nature or environment, and so on. Also, you can share your idea by providing comments to each post; together you are able to explore all about scholarship information and how to apply for it. You can become a member of the Khmer Scholars anytime by mailing to our contact e-mail address to confirm your membership or by E-mail subscription. You, moreover, will enjoy browsing the related links where more crucial information is posted.

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  1. Khmer Voice says:

    Cambodia is home of ancient.
    Cambodia is a beautiful country with her rich tradition, culture and history. The land of gentle people. May her richness revive and long live the ancient empire.

  2. Sathia says:

    I just want to say that this site is really contribute to the future of cambodia student as well the education itself. I do hope that the administrator would keep sharing such good information all to all cambodia people to have a chance advancing their knowledge and experience for Cambodia future development.



  3. Dear Sithia,

    Thanks for your comment on our blog and we appreciate you on this case.

    As I checked your IP address, you must be from Australia, right? If so, please share what you know and have on this blog in order to contribute to others who are willing to further education or scholarship and knowledge.


  4. Chesda says:

    It’s great to see this weblog! I think it’s useful for most of the students of Cambodia who are able to use the internet.

    I like sharing such things related to EDUCATION too. I have my own webpodcast, website that maybe can help students with some important resources concerned with education.


  5. Sophat says:

    This blog of yours is very informative and beneficial indeed. Keep it in the spotlight!

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