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Master & Doctoral Scholarships, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Korea

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2012-2013 Master & Doctoral Scholarships, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), South Korea


Field & Number of Students
School Number of Students to be admitted
Field Major Master’s Program Combined Master’s-Doctoral Program Doctoral Program
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Computer Systems & Networks


Theoretical Computer Science

Applied Computing

Communication, Control, & Signal Processing

Analog, Digital & RF Circuit Design

Electronic Devices & Materials

Plasma & Vacuum Electronics

School of Mechanical and Advanced Materials Engineering

System Design and Manufacturing

Intelligent Robotics

Thermo fluid & Energy Systems

Electronic Materials

Structural Materials

School of Nano-Bioscience and Chemical

Biomedical Science


Nano biotechnology


Chemical Engineering

Polymer Science & Engineering

School of Design and Human Engineering

Product Development & Innovation

User Experience & User Interface Design

Strategic Design

Human Factors Engineering

Color Science & Engineering

Systems Engineering

School of Urban and Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Civil Engineering

Urban Planning

Interdisciplinary School of Green Energy

Energy Conversion

Energy Storage

Nano materials for Energy

Battery Science and Technology

Nuclear Science and Engineering

School of Natural Science


Applied Mathematics

Technology Management

Technology Management





※ If applicants cannot meet required criteria, they will not be admitted. Details on tests for each school will be informed later on.
※ No bachelor’s degree barriers for application (those applicants who majored in basic sciences (such as Physics, Chemistry, Life Science etc, are preferred)

Eligibilities for Application
For Master’s and Combined Master’s-Doctoral Program

  • – Applicants holding a Bachelor’s degree
  • – Applicants who will have Bachelor’s Degree at February 2012
  • – Applicants who have educational background equivalent to the above.

For Doctoral Program

  • – Applicants holding a Master’s degree
  • – Applicants who will have Master’s Degree at February 2012
  • – Applicants who have educational background equivalent to the above.
Screening Process

1. Documents Screening
2. Personal Interview

※ International applicants can optionally have a telephone interview

Applicable Scores in English Tests

Official English Test Score (Requirements for graduation)

800 80 213 550 6.5 650

★ The test date on the certificates should not be older than two years as from the deadline
of online application

1) Korean applicants must submit the score report from an official English test when they apply to UNIST. The above scores are a requirement for graduation, not for admission, and thus do not need to be met at the time of the application.

2) Native English speakers are exempt from submitting a score. (U.S, Canada, U.K, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand) – When English is used as an official language in an applicant’s country, in addition to other languages, applicants
(check list of countries on the Click) are exempt from submitting a score when they apply for admission but must submit
a certificate stating that they have completed all of their university courses in English for exemption.

3) Except for the above case, every foreign applicant must submit an official English test score that exceeds the graduate standard.

Application Schedule

Application Schedule

1st screening

2nd Screening

3rd Screening

4th Screening

Receipt of
(On the Internet)

2011.8. 26(Mon) ~ 2012. 7. 6(Fri) 17:00

2012 Spring admission
(Matriculation March 2012)

2012 Fall admission
(Matriculation September 2012)

Documents Deadline

10. 6 (Thu)

12. 30(Fri)

5. 4(Fri)

7. 6(Fri)

First Announcement
of Successful Candidates

10. 18(Tue)

1. 11(Wed)

5. 15(Tue)

2012.7. 17(Tue)

Oral Interview

10. 20(Thu)
~10. 26(Wed)


2012. 5. 16(Wed)
~5. 23(Wed)

2012. 7. 18(Wed)
~2012. 7. 25(Wed)

Announcement of Successful Candidates (Documents+Interview)

2011. 11. 4(Fri)

2012. 1.31(Tue)

2012. 6. 1(Fri)

2012. 8. 3(Fri)


Further Details later on

Only Internet Applications is available
Application Fees: KRW 80,000
There is no application fee for international students.

Required Documents
  • – One Completed Application Form (4cm×5cm photo attached)
  • – One Certificate of Graduation and Transcript
  • – Personal Statement and Study Plan (in English)
  • – All forms can be downloaded from admission web page
  • – Original Record of English Tests
  • – Others need documents qualifications proving your own research achievements

Documents sent to:
Admissions Team, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Banyeon-ri 100, Ulsan, 689-798, Republic of Korea Tel. +82-52- 217-1126 , Fax. +82-52- 217-1129, E-Mail:

Additional Notice

  • Graduates from foreign universities – Certificate of Graduation and Transcript must be signed by registrar from the graduate school
  • Degree Holders from China
  • Required to submit 中國高等敎育學歷査詢報告 issued by the Ministry of Chinese Education
  • Foreign degree holders might be asked to submit additional documents
  • Applicants on military duty must submit either Certification of Expected Discharge or Approval of Attendance
Scholarship (Include tuition & living expenses)
UNIST Elite Fellowships

  • Who may apply : Excellent applicants within the combined Master’s-Doctoral Program or the Doctoral program
  • Number of Scholarships : Approximately 20 awards
  • Scholarship: 30,000,000 per year (Selected students are not allowed to also hold an RA/TA scholarship)
  • Term: 3 Years
  • Nobel R&D Fellowships :
    Selected Ph.D course student supervised by Nobel laureates (UNIST Chair Professor) and UNIST academic advisor
    Other condition is equal to Elite fellowship


  • Students in master’s courses: above 840,000 per month
  • Students in Ph.D courses: above 1,040,000 per month


  • Students in master’s courses: above 940,000 per month
  • Students in Ph.D. courses: above 1,140,000 per month
All Students can stay in the dormitory on campus
Important Information. 1
  • – Admission shall be cancelled if a successful applicant fails to pay the registration deposit or the tuition fee to the bank designated by the university.
  • – Under no circumstance shall the submitted documents be returned.
  • – Applicants are granted only one admission in one school.
  • – The applicant is responsible for the disadvantages (including the cancellation of admission) caused by failure to submit required documents, errors or omissions in the documents, the failure to fulfill the requirements indicated in the guidelines, unclear addresses, correspondence failures, the failure to check the list of admitted candidates, the failure to execute procedures necessary to enter the country, etc).
  • – If the applicant gained admission in an illegal manner, such as forgery or alteration of documents or through translation errors on the documents, and this fact was found while at school (or after graduation), the admission shall be cancelled (or all the academic records shall be erased). Furthermore, if a criminal case is suspected, the student will be reported to the authorities in both countries in accordance with the law.
  • – All the documents should be translated into either English or Korean, and be notarized (or authenticated by a public notary).
  • – International students should provide their own insurance against injuries or sickness and the insurance compensation limits must be a minimum of US$10,000.
    Note: Travelers Insurance is available in Korea.
  • – UNIST will provide many chances for scholarships for international students to ensure that they have a secure life while here in Korea.
  • – For more information, please visit the UNIST Homepage (
Important Information. 2

Notes about
APOSTILLE Requirements For newly admitted students

Since July 14, 2007, the Republic of Korea has been part of the 1961 Hague Convention abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. The Convention provides for the simplified certification or public (including notarized) documents to be used in countries that have joined the convention. The Apostille ensures that public documents issued in one signatory country will be recognized as valid in another signatory country.

Apostille certificates are to be submitted within 15 days after their enrollment at UNIST. For information regarding how to get an Apostille, please refer to the website

A. Newly admitted students from countries which are signatories to the convention must meet the following requirements: 1. Official certificates (transcripts, diplomas, etc.) should be submitted with the attachment of Apostille”.
2. All documents should be in English. Document in another language should be accompanied by a notarized English translation.

B. Admitted students from countries which are NOT signatories to the convention and do not recognize the apostille must meet the following requirements:
1. Official certificates must be legalized by a Korean consular officer in the country which issued them.
2. Applicants from these countries should submit the official certificates with the attachment of an Authentication issued by the Korean embassy or consulate.
3. All documents should be in English. Document in another language should be accompanied by a notarized English translation.


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