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This fellowship is awarded to researchers and graduate students studying Korean Studies subjects and other persons professionally engaged in Korea-related activities who wish to have an opportunity to take a language immersion program and learn Korean in a systematic manner at a university in Korea.

Eligible Applicants

Persons who are engaged in Korea-related research within the context of humanities or social science studies or persons who are professionally involved in Korea-related activities and who also correspond to one of the following profiles:

Undergraduates: Undergraduate students in colleges located in Eastern Europe, the Middle East or Southeast Asia who are studying the Korean Language as a major or minor;

MA or PhD candidates: Graduate students pursuing a Korea-related degree as a major or minor;

University faculties and researchers: Professors, lecturers and researchers who are teaching Korea-related courses or Korean language courses, or who are conducting Korea-related research at a university or research institution; or
Professionals: Professionals engaged in Korea-related activities in the fields of arts and culture.

Important Reminders to Applicants

  • Applicants are expected to have a basic understanding of the Korean language and a certain level of command of it (priority consideration is given to applicants with an intermediate level of proficiency).
  • Applications from Koreans overseas are considered only if they are permanent residents of a foreign country.

Persons corresponding to any of the following profiles will not be considered for the fellowship:

  • Persons already studying or conducting research in Korea;
  • Persons planning to enroll in a degree program in a Korean higher education institution; or
  • Persons having received the Fellowship for Korean Language study in the last two years.

Number of Fellowship Awards Available: Up to 40 per year
Grant Period: 6 months

Details of Support

  1. Living expenses (monthly stipend)
    • Undergraduates, BA degree holders, MA candidates and MA degree holders: 1,000,000 won
    • PhD candidates and higher: 1,200,000 won
  2. Settling-in allowance: 300,000 won (one-time benefit)
  3. Tuition and fees for the Korean language program
  4. Travel insurance

Program Schedule

  • Deadline: July 31 of the year preceding the year in which the program begins
  • Notification: October of the year preceding the year in which the program begins

Application Procedure
Required Documents

  • A completed application form (a standard application form is available for download)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • 2 letters of reference (from the head of the organization and a Korean language instructor)
  • Graduate students: Letters of reference from the chairman of the department, supervisor, etc.
  • Faculties and professionals: Letters of reference from the university president or dean, or from the head of an organization such as the director of a museum or a research institution.
  • Korean language instructors must be professors or lecturers specializing in Korean, and be capable of evaluating the applicant’s level of Korean proficiency.
  • A copy of the applicant’s highest diploma;
  • Certificate of employment or enrollment;
  • Undergraduate or graduate transcripts (possibility of waiver for university faculties and professionals);
  • Evidence of Korean language proficiency: TOPIK or KLPT (Korean Language Proficiency Test) certificates of proficiency, university or language program transcripts, etc. (For applicants from countries where TOPIK or KLPT are not administered, the evidence of Korean language proficiency (TOPIC basis) assessed by a professor or instructor of Korean language will be replaceable).

TOPIK Level-3 certification holders preferred.

Application Submission

  • All documents submitted as part of the application package must be in English or Korean. (Documents in languages other than English or Korean must be accompanied by an English or Korean translation bearing the signatures of the document issuer and the issuing organization attesting to the authenticity of the translation).
  • The application form must be filled out by typing or printing in block letters.
  • All documents must be mailed to the Foundation except the application form, which can be emailed ( before the rest of application documents are sent in.

Responsibilities of Fellowship Recipients
Fellowship recipients must make satisfactory progress in their studies, including moving up to the next level of study as expected, and must submit a final report before the end of the grant period, using the standard report form.

Important Reminders

  • Fellowship recipients may not hold, during their linguistic stay in Korea, concurrent grants from the Foundation or a third party organization.
  • Fellowship recipients must enroll in a Korean language program during the year for which they applied and may not postpone the enrollment to the following year.
  • During their linguistic stay in Korea, fellowship recipients may not work or engage in any remunerative or lucrative activity.
Contact person Yoonie Park Email
Tel +82-2-2046-8537 Fax +82-2-3463-6075
10F Diplomatic Center Building, 2558 Nambusunhwanno, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 137-863, KOREA



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