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The Erasmus Mundus Master Course “Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry“ (ASC) leading to the degree Master of Science (M. Sc.), a“Chemistry EuroMaster”.

The M.Sc. “Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry” is a two year (120 ECTS) programme within 7 European universities, providing students with a cross cultural education while getting acquainted with state of the ar t spectroscopic techniques in a broad range of modern chemistry applications.


The ASC network aims at preparing students to become exper ts and develop international skills towards doctoral studies, and/or professional industrial careers in chemical analysis, structure characterization and imaging, process monitoring, and molecular modeling, as well as doctoral studies.

A mobility scheme ensures that, in addition to high level of specialization and access to state of the ar t techniques, students will complete a common core curriculum of studies in dif f erent higher education institutions throughout Europe.

A consortium of 7 universities

University of Bergen NORWAY
Alma Mater Studiorum Universityof Bologna ITALY
University of Helsinki FINLAND
Jagiellonian University – Krakow POLAND
University Leipzig GERMANY
Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille FRANCE
Complutense University – Madrid SPAIN

Targeted Students

Application for Admission in the ASC programme is entitled for students holding a:

Eurobachelor in Chemistry or equivalent education in the field of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry and Physics. Students from all over the world are welcome.

This ASC curriculum is recommended for students with relevant chemical or related experiences, who will benefit not only from an outstanding programme of studies, but also from interactions with classmates of similar or different backgrounds.

A sufficient mastering of the English language is required. Evaluation of students’ academic records, based on international tests such as TOEFL, IELTS,… will also include a motivated statement of purpose about studying Advanced Spectroscopy in Europe.

Admission criteria

The selection procedure takes place within a framework common to the seven partners of the consortium. The partners select on the basis of study results, a CV, a statement of purpose and two letters of recommendation. They may not discriminate between their own students, students of other universities of EU or non-EU countries.

Erasmus Mundus scholarships

In order to give the Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses a strong external projection, a scholarship scheme for graduate students (EU students: 10,000 €/year; non-EU students: 24,000 €/year) and scholars (4,800 €/month) is available for highly qualified candidates.

Deadline : January 14th

Application process

For applying, EU Student and Non- EU Student must fill the on-line application form and follow the instructions available on website:

To start applying, please click khmerscholars

For more information, contact the Administrative
Secretary of the programme:
Mrs Francine Chanier,
University Lille1
ASC Master – Bât.C15-001
F- 59655-Villeneuve d’Ascq cedex
tel: (+33) 3 20 33 64 36



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