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Erasmus Mundus (ALGANT) Doctoral Scholarship

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The ALGANT-DOC doctoral programme, set up by the ALGANT consortium, is a collaborative scheme creating ideal conditions for the production of high level research in pure mathematics, leading to a double and/or joint doctor degree, prepared under joint supervision at a minimum of two partner institutions. With ALGANT-DOC, the doctoral candidates will acquire the expertise and skills needed to pursue a career at the highest academic level.

ALGANT-DOC is among the 13 joint doctoral programmes, which have been selected in 2009 by the European Commission (out of 135 applications), in the frame of the second phase of the Erasmus Mundus programme.

This recognition allows us to offer 6 fellowships for Category A and 4 for Category B ALGANT Joint Doctorate candidates.

The consortium publishes research projects suggestions, to be carried out at least at two partner universities. Candidates may also, submit their own research project proposal, but must make contact with potential supervisors before applying to the programme.

Our consortium involves the mathematics departments of five European universities:

•Bordeaux (France),
•Leiden (The Netherlands),
•Milano (Italy),
•Padova (Italy),
•Paris-Sud (France),

and three non-Europoean institutions:

•Chennai Mathematical Institute (Chennai, India),
•Concordia University, together with Centre de Recherches Mathématiques & Institut des Sciences Mathématiques (Montreal, Canada),
•Stellenbosch University together with African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (Cape Town, South Africa)

Target Candidates

The ALGANT Joint Doctorate programme is open to all interested graduated students in Europe and elsewhere. The European Union supports the course by financing some six scholarships for doctoral candidates outside the European Union, and four for European ones. Other sources of funding are also available and tuition fees are kept at a very reasonable level.

Every doctoral candidate will have to work on a research project under joint supervision at a minimum of two different institutions of the consortium.

Doctoral candidates interested in applying have to complete the application form (see below for a list of the documents required for the application).

Erasmus Mundus fellowship

For beneficiaries of an Erasmus Mundus fellowship, the tuition fee will be paid by the European Commission.

Admission criteria

The ideal candidate must possess an academic degree from a program in mathematics lasting a minimum of five years (Master). A thorough proficiency in English is required.

Application procedure


We recommend that candidates submit a pre-application by January 14th, 2011. That is, we expect candidates to indicate their interest for the ALGANT joint doctorate programme and submit by e-mail* a preliminary description of a possible research project to be carried out at two different partner institutions (see preliminary description form). Candidates may select one of the research projects posted on the ALGANT web site. All of these projects have been discussed by the consortium members. Nevertheless, candidates have the possibility to suggest their own research project. In this case, they should indicate what could be the different partner institutions and who could be the possible advisors.


After the pre-application deadline and a match-making period, applicants are invited to submit a complete application, containing details on their research project.

The application will require the following elements:

•The application form, together with a detailed description of the research project (see detailed description form).

The deadline is February 14th.
•Certified copies of all academic records of all courses taken at every institute of higher education attended, with a translation in English, or French, Italian or Dutch.
•A copy of the highest degree obtained, stating credits, grades and workload.
•A detailed curriculum vitae.
•A personal letter of motivation explaining the candidate’s interest in the ALGANT Joint Doctorate in particular and mathematics in general.
•Two letters of recommendation at least from academic staff members, in sealed envelopes sent to the ALGANT secretariat (a model is available).
•Proof of a thorough proficiency in written and spoken languages of the partner universities and/or English.

In individual cases the consortium’s commission will decide whether any exceptional circumstances, compensations or alternatives should allow for deviation from the admission criteria above, or for the absence of some of the documents required. Candidates should always contact the ALGANT office when there is any doubt.

All documents have to be submitted in paper form to the address indicated on the application form. To speed up the process, an inofficial electronic version might be sent to

To start applying, please click khmerscholars

ALGANT contact information
General coordinator: Prof. Boas EREZ

e-mail :


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