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KWEF Research Grant Program for Overseas Research

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The KWEF is nonprofit organization founded in March 1997 by Kurita Water Industries Ltd. and its affiliates. The KWEF contributes to the betterment of society by developing new technologies of water conservation and environmental protection.

The KWEF supports scientists in ASEAN countries, China and Korea who are conducting research in their own countries on the conservation and restoration of water resources, which are defined as oceans, surface water, and soil and underground water as well as the areas of land adjacent to them.

The KWEF support is primarily financial, in the form of research grants.

Notes: These grants are intended to support academic research. Programs aimed primarily at generating business profit are not eligible.

Criteria for the KWEF Research Grant


1) The applicant must be a citizen of the country in which he or she resides.
2) The applicant must conduct research at a national or public university, college, or associated institute.
3) The applicant is preferably under 40.
4) The applicant must have a Japanese advisor who resides either in Japan or the applicant’s country.

2.Areas of Research Supported

Research Grant

Any research subject in the field of water resources is acceptable, provided that the water area studied is located in the researcher’s home country. Examples of appropriate research subjects are:

– Physical and chemical properties of water
– New technologies for conservation and restoration of water resources. (River, Lake, Pond, Discharge etc.)
– New technologies for water measurement and assessment


The applicant must submit a project proposal outlining the plan and budget of his or her research program by E-mail ( with WORD Form ,along with a letter of recommendation from the applicant’s Japanese advisor, to the foundation.

The annual application period is from 1st of April to the 20th of May.


The grantee will be selected by the foundation’s Board of Directors, based on the advice of the Selection Committee. The chief director will inform each applicant in writing of the board’s decision.

5.Amount and Duration of the Grant

1) Amount of Grant
Research Grant: A maximum of 500,000yen per project per year

2) Duration of Grant
The grant period will be one year, from October to September following year.

6.Use of the Grant

The KWEF Research Grant should be used for the basic expenses of the research program, such as the purchase of equipment and supplies, travel costs, and other expenses associated with fieldwork.
7.Obligations of the Grantee


Recipients of research grants must submit a preliminary report on the results of their research to the chief director of the foundation by the end of the grant period (September 30).

This report should consist of a one- or two-page (A4 size) description of the results gathered to date, along with a Japanese translation and any necessary supplementary materials.

The researcher must also submit an expense report, separate from the preliminary report described above, by the end of the grant period. This should consist of an itemized list of expenses paid for with the grant money. Whenever possible, the researcher should attach copies of receipts.

8.Announcement of Results

To help spread awareness of the foundation’s activities, researchers are asked to mention in their papers that their research was supported by a KWEF grant. The researcher must also submit copies of these papers to the KWEF. These materials will then become the property of the KWEF.

Application form can be downloaded here

Kurita Water and Environment Foundation

Secretary General : Kenji Tawara

Address : 3-4-7 Nishi-Shinjyuku, Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo 160-8383Japan
Tel. : +81-3-3347-3121
Fax. : +81-3-3347-3977
E-mail :


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