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Erasmus Mundus – EMCSE Scholarships

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European Master on Software Engineering is to educate software engineers to meet the requirements of today’s international software practice. The programme is considered an elite programme leading to a double degree. Non-EU students can apply for a grant.

The selection of candidates is highly competitive. Selected students can choose two of the partner universities to follow the programme. Software has become an increasingly important element of many products that are developed today. There has been a shift in development costs from hardware development to software solutions. This increases the need to be able to develop software products with the right functionality, quality, on time and on budget.

The European Master on Software Engineering is constructed to meet these challenges by educating software developers in advanced software engineering concepts that covers the entire development chain, from the business management perspective to the technical management and the development perspectives.
A-type grants are for third-country students. From the viewpoint of the Erasmus Mundus programme, ‘third-country’ means a country other the Member States or EEA-EFTA States. Nationals of candidate countries for accession to the European Union are considered third-country students.
To be eligible, students should have not carried activities (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in any of the Member States or EEA-EFTA States. Tourism is not considered for time computation. Each grant is funded with 48.000 EUR (24.00 EUR per year).
B-type grants goes to any type of student (third-country or European). There is not any eligibility restriction. Each grant is funded with 20.000 EUR (10.000 EUR per year).
Students must have proficiency in the English language. TOEFL* or IELTS** certificates or equivalent are required. Native English speakers are waived of this requirement. Applicants whose higher education language was English are also waived upon submission of a certificate issued by the appropriate university. In case that applicants do not fulfill the above criteria, a personal interview can be arranged to assess the student’s english level. This interview will be carried out by any Consortium’s Official.
Having fulfilled the English requirement, the criteria against which all applicants will be assessed are the following:
* Type of undergraduate education.
* Results in undergraduate education.
* Working experience.
* Motivation to take the EMSE master course.
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