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The Positive Action for Children Fund has opened its first Requests for Proposals (RFPs). Proposals should be prepared by following this detailed guidance (Download Requests for Proposals 1 & 2) and submitted by the deadline, midnight (GMT) on Friday 7th May. This document contains full guidance, a mandatory application form, and a set of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Proposals submitted late, or that do not follow this guidance and comply with its criteria will not be considered. Unsolicited proposals for funds will not be considered. Later this year we will invite concept notes for projects that fall outside these two Requests for Proposals. But in this first round proposals must focus on one of the following areas:

Focus of RFP1
This first Request for Proposals from the Positive Action for Children Fund is focused on the integration of HIV and sexual and reproductive health services leading to improved access to and continuity of services for men and women at risk of HIV or living with HIV. All projects should have a strong component of community involvement to ensure demand for these services is generated or increased. Project objectives should contribute to the enhancement and integration of services in WHO’s PMTCT elements 1 or 2, or together: primary HIV prevention; and improved sexual health and prevention of unintended pregnancies.

Focus of RFP2
This second Request for Proposals from the Positive Action for Children Fund is focused on the support of infants, children and adolescents living with HIV and their families within their communities, promoting a family-centred approach. Projects may focus on one area of need for any subset of this age group or cover a number across the age range, including, but not restricted to: early infant diagnosis; nutrition; support around maintenance of and adherence to ARV treatment; sexual and reproductive health education, services and rights; stigma and discrimination. Projects that are delivered in conjunction with affected communities and seek to develop continuing capacity in those communities and their organisations are encouraged.

Download: Request for Proposals 1 & 2
Download: An Introduction to the Positive Action for Children Fund

We have tried to provide all the information you should need to prepare your proposal, including a set of Q&A at the end of the guidance, but you may have one or more specific questions you need to put to us. Queries on these two RFPs received by e-mail ( will be answered as quickly as possible and will be used to update the existing Q&A periodically.

More information: Click here


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