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The New Zealand Development Scholarships (NZDS)

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The New Zealand Development Scholarships (NZDS) scheme offers the opportunity to people from selected developing countries to undertake development-related studies in New Zealand.

This may include study related to education, health, rural livelihoods, governance, human rights, or economic development, depending on the human resource development training needs of the home government. New Zealand -Development Scholarships are offered for full-time, tertiary level study at participating New Zealand education institutions.
The NZDS scheme has two categories:

1-New Zealand Development Scholarships – Public category (NZDS-Public)
The NZDS-Public scholarships scheme is a bilateral scheme available to individuals from selected partner countries in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. The selection criteria is determined by the partner government and NZAID.
Shortlisted applications, mostly from public sector employees, are endorsed for a scholarship by the partner government. Employees from civil society or private sector organisations may apply for the NZDS-Public in some countries depending on country-specific selection criteria. The levels and fields of study available for study in New Zealand are determined according to the partner country’s human resource development training needs.

Country eligibility download: Cambodia (pdf 6K), Indonesia (pdf 8K), Lao PDR (pdf 6K), Philippines, Timor-Leste (pdf 5K), Viet Nam (pdf 5K), Cook Islands (pdf 9K), Fiji (on hold), Kiribati (pdf 9K), ,Papua New Guinea (pdf 4K), ,Samoa (pdf 1K), Solomon Islands (pdf 1K), Tonga (pdf 2K), Vanuatu (pdf 1K).

2-New Zealand Development Scholarships – Open category (NZDS-Open)
The NZDS-Open scholarships scheme is a non-bilateral scheme available to candidates of some developing countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific. Under the NZDS-Open scheme, candidates independently apply for a scholarship.

NZDS-Open scholarships are generally directed at employees of private sector or civil society sector organisations, including non-governmental organisations. In some countries, public sector employees can also apply for a NZDS-Open scholarship depending on the country or region-specific selection criteria. This criteria also determines the levels and the fields of study under which candidates can apply to study in New Zealand.

Eligible countries in South Asia and Southeast Asia: Cambodia (pdf 66K), Indonesia (pdf 68K), Lao PDR (pdf 66K), Maldives (pdf 58K), Mongolia (pdf 58K), Myanmar (pdf 58K), Nepal (pdf 58K), Philippines (pdf 62K), Sri Lanka (pdf 58K), Timor-Leste (pdf 75K), Viet Nam (pdf 55K)

Eligible countries in the Pacific region: Federated States of Micronesia (pdf 84K), Marshall Islands (pdf 84K), Palau (pdf 84K), Fiji (On hold), Kiribati (pdf 69K), Papua New Guinea (pdf 84K), Samoa (pdf 61K), Solomon Islands (pdf 71K), Tonga (pdf 82K), Vanuatu (pdf 91K)

Eligible countries in Latin America: Argentina (pdf 74K), Bolivia (pdf 74K), Brazil (pdf 74K), Chile (including Rapa Nui) (pdf 74K), Ecuador (pdf 74K), El Salvador (pdf 74K), Guatemala (pdf 74K), Honduras (pdf 74K), Nicaragua (pdf 74K), Paraguay (pdf 74K), Uruguay (pdf 74K)

Eligible countries in Africa: Kenya (pdf 70K), Mozambique (pdf 70K), South Africa (pdf 70k), Tanzania (pdf xxK), Zambia (pdf 70K)

More info:


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