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3 Scholarships for Cambodians

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Please click the following links for the scholarship information in Khmer language.

1. Japanese Government Scholarship for Cambodians Deadline

2. Vietnam Scholarship for Cambodians

3. Turkey Scholarship for Cambodians

For more information, please contact directly the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of Cambodia.



  1. Ratha Try says:

    I want to find sholarship for study at University in bachelor degree.

  2. Vath Sirey Mongkol says:

    i want to get a scholarship at Singapore in BA

  3. Mana Ieng says:

    I am finding scholarship in Master degree in veterinary science. Scholarship is one thing that I attempt since I have been in high school.

  4. Bunnak Phum says:

    Master Degree Schollarship is the best change for my rest of life. I want to pursue the Master Degree of Development.

  5. Phum Denet says:

    My name is Danet, just got suceesfully with high school. I am finding the schollarship for Bachelor Degree of Banking And Finance.

  6. KhanBorindy says:

    My name’s Borindy. Now I’ m fining scholarships for Bachelor Degree of Electricity.

  7. yathphom says:

    I was search this program. I interasting Scholarshis to study in Singapore in bachelor degree.

  8. ratha says:

    i want to get a scholarships for Bachelor Degree of Banking And Finance in Singapore.

  9. Heak Menghok says:

    I need a Bachelar scholarship in IT.

    • To Menghokk,
      You can come and check this blog again so that you can get more information about the undergraduate program scholarship. Or subscribe to our blog at the top-right corner of the blog.

      Good luck!

  10. socheata heng says:

    i want to find scholarship in accounting major

  11. SENG Phearo says:

    I’m strongly interested in Master Degree in Civil Engineering. I just graduated Bachelor of Civil Engineer at ITC.

  12. I want to apply for Bachelor degree of banking and finance scholarship in japan

  13. chandara says:

    could any tell me where can i find the master of IT scholarship to study abroad???
    I would really need it.

    thanks in advance.

    You can reply me to my mail :

    • what country you prefer to choose? In case of Japan, you can apply for JDS scholarships, Monbukagakusho scholarships, AYF and so on.

      To look for those scholarships, you can type the key words I provide into the Search at the Right side of this blog.

      Good luck!

  14. Maquis says:

    Now, I am finding out the scholarship for short training course. Please give me a guide.

  15. can you post the result of each scholarship? i 1 2 no who pass the scholarship~ thanks

    • ម៉ូត​ ផល្លា says:

      I can’t control all applicants with all kinds of scholarships. Because this blog is just an intermediary that brings information about scholarships to those who don’t know…

      However, If i can find those information, I’ll post here. If you’re in Cambodia, it’s easy by going to the department of scholarship near Apsara TV station, there are lists of successful applicants…

  16. Thanks for your share! I think this information is helpful for everyone. I like your writing way.I hope i can get more useful post from you.

  17. Pisith says:

    hi. iam a cambodian student. i am 18 years old. i really want to get a scholarship to study abroad. how should i do in order to get scholarship there? please share me some ideas.

  18. Seiha Sao says:

    Dear khmer scholars
    For me now m at year 4 of Economics class.I want to get em formation how to get graduate scholarship for study Human resource management.
    Please give me the way and which countries that I can apply. Thank you.
    From Seihal, Cambodia student

  19. heng says:

    Dear scholarship
    Now I am studying year 3 at Royal University of Phnom Penh but when I get graduate I want to study Master’s Degree Department English Literature. So can you tell me about Scholarship other countries.
    thank you for your helping
    From Mr. Heng

  20. Ahmad says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I’ll finish my high school this year, but my family is so poor, no money to continue my study. I’m looking a scholarship, to go to university.

  21. this year i have exam in grade 12, so i want to find scholoship at phom penh

  22. Anonymous says:

    Dear sir
    I have www in wordpress. But I would to know how I put 2 language in my www.
    Thanks 4 ur kind.

  23. lok sereiratha says:

    Dear sir\Madam
    My name is lok sereiratha. I to get scholarship in BA to study in japans.

  24. Arunrasmey Thong says:

    it’s nice.

  25. Arunrasmey Thong says:

    Can u send info about scholarships via email?

  26. Ly Chansophal says:

    ហេតុអ្វីបានជាការ អប់រំនៅប្រទេសកម្ពុជាមានកំរិតទាប?
    I want to have a scholarship to other country because I think study at other can country easy to have a good job. Now I finish grade 12 I need a BA to study. I need Engineering scholarship at Japan.

  27. seun rathanak says:

    I want to know some information about scholarship to other country in any kinds of subject. Pls tell me my email is

  28. meng hong says:

    hi i want to know what subject that popular in japan… Pls tell me by my e-mail.

  29. Virak Rath says:

    Hello sir,I am 19 years old. I am a scholarship student in Cambodia, but I want get scholarship to study abroad.What should I require to get that scholarship? May someone advice me? I want apply for scholarship to Korea.Please inform me by

  30. Thavry says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My name is Thavry and I am looking for a scholarship to study abroad for undergraduate degree.

  31. KIMGUECH says:

    Dear sir/madam

    I am a high school student at grade 11.I am looking for a scholarship to study in other countries’ high school(ASEAN COUNTRIES).Could you please tell me where could I fine the information about this to get a chance to apply for the high school scholarship.
    Please inform me by

    Thanks in advance.

  32. Manith says:

    If there is new information about scholarship in Master Degree, would you please send it to my mail.
    I am finding lots of scholarships in ASIA…

  33. Anonymous says:

    Dear Sir or Madam

    I have finished my bachelor Degree in Law and right now i want to have a scholarship for Master degree in law abroad or in Cambodia. Please let me know through:

    Best Regards


    I am a high school student at grade 11. I am looking information about scholarship in Singapor. Could U tell me where I can find information, please?

  35. duongboromey says:

    i want to know about schorlaship all countries forcambodai.

  36. tith sopheap ly says:

    hello dear
    I’m trying to find scholarship to study or travel abroad for cambodian high school students. And that include the english subject beside math… So if there any please send to my e-mail there. I’m waiting….

  37. sovuttei luy says:

    my name vuttei i want to find scholarship to study abroad for undergraduate degree that don’t
    have math.please reply to my e-mail there thank before

  38. Anonymous says:

    Dear Mr or Mrs,
    I would like to find a scholarship to study abroad in Civil Engineering.
    Would you mind telling me how I could get application form and registration form.
    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Sim Chhengty

  39. theng says:

    My name sophea I study in AEU university major Information Technology I really want scholarship very much. That why that i study computer because i love computer and i like searching. Could you please help me?

  40. SOUNG SOPHEAK says:


  41. heanchansothary says:

    I want schorlorshipe how can i do?

  42. MAB says:

    I want to get a scholarship of Master degree in education of English language. Can you give me information? thanks in advance.

  43. Soun Vichea says:

    I want find scholarship of Health science for study is major Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Foreign.

  44. Sreyhouy Kao says:

    I find scholarship for high school

  45. mohamed says:

    i’m mohamed i am 25 years old. i really want to get a scholarship to study Malaysia. how should i do in order to get master scholarship here. please share me some ideas. i already finish my degree in maleysia as well. utara maleysia

  46. Kroeun Vichchra says:

    Hi, I’m vichchra !! i finished study in ACCOUNTING.But i think that it is not enough for education,So i attempt to learn more what new for me. I like education so much.All of educations is important for us. i hope that I’ll get succession for endeavor of mine. how should I do before we get scholarship to study

  47. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your

    rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  48. Chiva says:

    Hi,i am Chiva!! i going to finish high school in 2013.but i went to get scholarship. How should i do to get successful?

  49. This particular post, “3 Scholarships for
    Cambodians Khmer Scholars” displays that u actually know exactly what u r talking about!
    I completely approve. With thanks -Keith

  50. Yeng Theareak says:

    Hello! My name is Yeng Theareak. I am 19 years old. Now i study Nursing in Cambodia. But i want to get scolarship to study abroad. What should i do??

  51. My name is nabiil I live my family so my country is Somalia Somalia
    Is bad country because every day happened wars and broblems so i want to get scholarship because my family is very poor sir help me help me plz plz sir give information

  52. dalin phon says:

    I am finding a scholarship for studying abroad,but not only me but also my friends who want to .. So if you have got any information about scholarship whis is provided for high school student as me and other else ,please inform me with my gmail.””

  53. Anonymous says:

    i want to get scholarship from korean goverment. so if have this imforation place inform me my email: your regard .

  54. sokly says:

    I want get scholaship master of maths or English at USA or korean now i have two this bachelor but i no money for both master. ( i am maths teacher at secondary school and want improve my knowledge more but…..)

  55. Ros Kimmean says:

    Now,I’m finding scholarship for Mathematics of science.I want to study in abroad.What should I do?
    Please tell me:Face book:Mean Mean Puc,tel:098464279

  56. Lim Soheaktra says:

    I’m officially want to try the Scholarship for abroad…

  57. Seav Ayling says:

    My name is seav aylinh. i study at grade 12. i am finding for scholarship bachelor degree of Nurse.

  58. Chhay Liza says:

    I want to find scholarship but now I study in grade 11.

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