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The World Bank 2008 Essay Competition

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 WANTED: Your Practical Ideas

Shaping the City of Your Dreams

In 2007, for the first time in human history, the majority of people in the world, particularly in developing countries, will be living in urban areas. Life in the city is often associated with more opportunities, better access to employment, education, health and other services. Cities are often called engines of economic growth, contributing disproportionately to the national gross domestic product (GDP). They are also centers of innovation, entrepreneurship and investment. But many cities also have a large part of their population living in slums, without essential services such as water, sanitation and energy, and threatened by environmental hazards, violence and social exclusion. As more and more people move from the countryside to the city, and as city populations grow, there is a growing need for solutions to the issues of urban poverty, environment, and urban infrastructure (housing, roads, water, energy etc.).

What can you do to shape the city of your dreams?

Please answer all three questions below:

1) Think about the city you live in. What are the biggest opportunities and challenges for people living there?

2) What needs to be done to transform your city into the city of your dreams?

3) What could be your role, working together with your peers, in shaping the city of your dreams? Please focus on one or two points you mentioned in question 2).

You may use some of the points below to structure your answer:

If you have been personally involved in concrete initiatives, write specifically about your experience:

Who have you worked with? Who have you helped? What have you accomplished? In what way would you consider this work to be innovative? How have you measured the results of your work?

Looking ahead:
How would you expand or improve the impact of your work? How can other youth replicate your experience?

If you don’t have practical experience, write specifically about your ideas:
How would you work with your peers to shape the city of your dreams?


January 15, 2008 – Launch of the Essay Competition
March 23, 2008 – Deadline for submissions
April 30, 2008 – Finalists announced
June 9-10, 2008 – Final Jury in Cape Town, South Africa
June 11, 2008 – Award Ceremony during the ABCDE Conference in Cape Town, South Africa (The World Bank will cover travel and accommodation expenses for the finalists)



  1. Md. Sarwar Hossain says:

    competition should be increase in number, to develop the skill among the students

  2. shonto86054 says:

    I am interested in this scholarship, How was this scholarship started, what made the world bank decided on choosing this topic as their scholarship essay title or theme?

  3. Linna says:

    Competition and Scholarship should be increase.

  4. vanna says:

    cambodia students should try this compeition, and i do hope our students are gonna take that prize, ok !!!

  5. Mohammad Mikail says:

    how I apply for this scholarship?

  6. margaret says:

    iam trying my best to get ascholarship for my masters degree from the uk 2008
    iwas admitted to it in 2007 but ifailed to get sponsors
    now im lookin for sponsors again because they have given me one more chance
    help me
    from uganda

  7. nokaidai says:

    i hear a lots of master schoolarship program.but all most all of them are related to social sicene.what about natural science?for examples,master in engineering program,computer science,math,physics,chemistry? why no have such schoolarship? thank u very much?

  8. Ladislas Hibusu-Zambia says:

    Quite an interesting way of letting youths speak their ideas out. Am so much interested to take part. However, i need more information on the procedure like, the length of the essay, how the submission should be done either electronic or by hard copy and either way may i be availed with the address or the email. Thank you

  9. Md. Jakir Hasan Talukder says:

    Market economy is the study of the Market behavior, in which Marketing thinking can be as the pattern of Economy. Such as Premium pricing may be define differently as the structure of Economy.In noncompetitive Micro-market situation, Premium pricing define as ” Company are able to charge higher price for their competitive position”. On the Other hand, in Competitive Market situation where the market is price sensitive, Premium pricing is being defined as ” Company may charge higher price but this price is less then that they have provided quality,i.e, Price<Quality through they charge higher price. Because they provide it continuously as premium to customer. “- Therefore Study at Marketing is closely related to the study on Economics”.

    Thank You…………..

    Md. Jakir Hasan Talukder

  10. Md. Jakir Hasan Talukder says:

    Think as Honestly, study honesty and try to be a scholar honestly and it is sure that you will be gain because of Honesty.

    >>> Best man, best person and honesty is the perfect combination of Human.

    So, What will you Do?

    Choice or take it so that you can learned your future generation.

  11. please read and re-read the essay description and its official website for more information!
    Thank you!

  12. Tigabu Dagne says:

    Dear Sir:

    This is a great chance getting a Competition to get sponsers. But the basic thing waht kind of title shoud best to be an effective competitor. Also for how many people give the chance

    Tank you!

  13. Ladislas Hibusu-Zambia says:

    On the issue of age limit i think it isn’t fair. What if some one just turned 25 last December, we are still not eligible? Some of
    us have a burning desire to contribute not only because there is an incentive but because it is for the benefit of society. I just turned 25 in December because i was born in 1982 and those conditions are barring me. May i receive your comment please because i have already started organizing my essay.

  14. parshu ram bogati says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    It’s owner for me if you suggest and provide infomation about the scholarship offered there by in civil enginnering field. I am very much interested to study in water realated field.If there is such a field and oppertunity for study in under graduate course that reflects my interest than please mail me

  15. Emeka says:

    I would like to note that the topic for this essay is quite interesting as it is challenging. Due to the current trend of globalization and regional integration, there has been a sudden rise in the movement of people from rural to urban areas in search of a much more qualitative way of living. this has thrown up lots of challenges to the already insufficient infrastructure. Africa at the moment is still trying to play catch up as there is a dearth of social amenities to meet the peoples needs.

  16. Hi Emeka, for more information, please log to Source

  17. This is an excellent youth initiative. It will be a good experience for youth across the nations. Youth vievws are an intricate and vital part of “Change”. I am very much intered in this essay competition. This is my first ime and im going to give it a try.


  18. Pheng-Sophan says:

    Dear sirs/Madams,
    I am Sophan. I am currently studying at the National University of Management.
    It is the end my bachelor degree. I will finish on the end of August this year. My field is Business Administration of Management.
    After finish bachelor degree, I would like to pursue master degree in abroad, but I could not affort because my family is very poor, so that is why I try to find schoolarship in abroad.
    Beside study at university , I have been studying general English part time at ACE in level9. I am also studying TOEFL Engish part time at the ESPERANTO LA INTERNATCIA LINGO school.
    Both of these schools were under supported of a part of my organisation for which I work.
    I have been working for Projects-Abroad organisation for two years in order to support my study and daily living.

    I am very greatful if you can give me a chance to get schoolarship in abroad.
    If would like to ask me any details of my study or life. Please do not hesitate to contact me via:
    Tel: +855(0) 16552271
    Skype: sophan6.

    Yours faitfully,


  19. er.o. says:

    I have wrote a nice essay about GOD.
    but I like to publish this essay and know people ideas about it.

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