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Malaysian International Scholarship for undergraduate studies in Malaysia

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Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) is a Premier Scholarship which offer opportunities to an excellent and outstanding young students to pursue their higher education in Malaysian universities. Funded by the Malaysian Goverment under the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP), it is administered by the Ministry of Higher Education. The award are targeted for talented students with an excellent academic records and outstanding co-curriculum background to pursue their Bachelor`s Degree at selected and well established Malaysian public and private universities. The scholarship is a part of Malaysian Goverment’s objective in the encouragement of closer bilateral relations between Malaysia and the MTCP’s participating countries.

This scholarship is a Government-to-Government basis, without any bond imposed by Malaysia. Scholarships are intended for promising candidates who may be expected to make a significant contribution to their own countries on their return from Malaysia.

Candidates should be the citizens of MTCP`s participating countries as listed in Appendix I. To be eligible for an award applicants must:

  • Have completed their secondary education with minimum of 12 years of successful study with good outstanding grades;
  • Have an impressive record of participation and leadership in extracurricular or social and voluntary activities;
  • Have at least two recent references and evidence of any other achievements including school and community participation;
  • Meet the University`s academic selection criteria and English Language requirement;
  • Be in good health and be certified fit medically by a certified Doctor/Medical Professional of the bilateral partner country. The cost of medical examination is to be borne by the applicants; and
  • Not more than 21 years of age by 1st January 2008.

The general academic requirements for admission into undergraduate degree programmes of the following level or its equivalent:

  • A minimum of 3 GCE ‘A’ Levels with all subjects Grade B.
  • Other internationally recognized qualifications of a similar standard will be acceptable.

University’s application for admission is solely the candidate’s responsibility. Proof of admission is not a pre-requisite to the award. Selection committee for Malaysian International Scholarship will only consider qualified applicants with outstanding academic achievement and professional performance. Interested applicants are advised to apply before the beginning of the academic year which falls on the month of July for most of Malaysian university. The scholarship awarded does not guarantee a placement in the university. Admission to any program is by way of applications to the university. Applications must abide to the requirement and procedure for admission set by the university.

The scholarships are awarded to the applicants applying the accredited undergraduate courses in Malaysian public and private universities. However such awards are not available for undergraduate programmes offered by branch campuses of foreign university in Malaysia.

Each scholarship consists of:

  • a return air tickets from recipient’s capital city to Malaysia;
  • an approved tuition fees by the respective university;
  • monthly maintenance allowance;
  • a yearly grant for books and internal travel;
  • practical training allowance, installation and termination grant.

No marriage/family allowance for accompanying spouse or children.

If deemed necessary, applicants may also be required to attend an interview and/or take an entrance test conducted by the Ministry of Higher Education or the Board of Admission of the particular university.

Field of studies are in the following priority areas :

  • Business and Finance
  • Science and Engineering
  • Agricultural Science
  • Linguistic/Social Science

Note: Applicants may choose any related courses within the field/areas mentioned above.
Others areas of interest may be considered depending on the availability of the place offered by the universities.

The following conditions apply to all scholarship holders :

  • Scholarship holders must not change their programme during tenure of the scholarship except with written permission from their university and the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.
    Scholarship holders must follow the approved programmes and abide by the university`s rules, regulations and codes of conduct. Any suspension from the university will result in immediate suspension of the award. Monthly allowances are not payable during suspension.
  • Scholarship holders are responsible for securing an appropriate entry visa including medical examination.
  • Scholarship holders must maintain satisfactory progress and good standing as stipulated by their host university and degree programme, or the scholarship will be withdrawn.
  • Any periods of leave must be approved by the university and in accordance with the purposes of the Commonwealth Scholarship. It is expected that leave will be normally spent in Malaysia, but the university may approve a short period spent overseas. A student wishing to travel overseas for an extended period would first need to establish medical or compassionate grounds before Immigration clearance could be obtained. Expenses for such travel are not included in the scholarship.
  • The scholarships are tenable in Malaysian universities and research will normally be carried out in Malaysia. If appropriate it may be possible for a limited amount of research to be carried out in scholar’s home country but financing of such an arrangement would be the responsibility of the scholar.
  • Scholarships holders are not allowed to take any paid employment in Malaysia during their tenure unless with written approval from the host university.
  • Upon termination of studies, scholarships holders are expected to return to their respective home countries immediately
  • This award is only given once to any successful applicant.

Applicants should complete the application form ( in 2 copies ) attached with this document. The following documentation must be attached with the application form:

  • A certified copy of the applicant`s current passport showing evidence of citizenship;
  • The applicant`s academic records, testimonials and/ or references relating to the relevant study, co-curricullum activities, achievements;
  • A letter from certified doctor declaring the applicant`s good health;
  • Passport-size photograph (2 copies);
  • Completed Medical Report;
  • A clear and precise study or research plan;
  • English language proficiency certificate or test score (if any);
  • Admission letter for post-graduate study (if any); and Two letters of appraisal.

Notes: All certificates and related documents submitted must be certified by a recognised official or by the institution that issued the documents and must bear the official stamp and signature of the certifier. Official translation in English is required if the transcript is in other languages.

Applications must be endorsed by the Ministry of Foregn Affairs or agency responsible for technical cooperation in the respective recipient’s Government and submitted to the Malaysian Goverment Representatives in the country in which the applicant has his/her permanent home; or send direct to:

The Secretary General
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia
Wisma Putra, No. 1
62602 Putrajaya

All applications must reach the Malaysian Goverment Representative (or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia) not later than 31 December 2007. Application received after this date would not be considered.

For further enquiries, prospective applicants can either request or write directly to the nearest Malaysian Diplomatic Mission or the following address:

Scholarship Division
Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia
Level 4, Block 1 PjH Tower
Precint 2
Federal Goverment Administration Centre

website :
email : norkamilahz[ at ]

Please visit Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme’s website, for the details.

The results of the successful applicants will be announced through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or The Malaysian Mission of that particular nominating country.

Successful candidates will be notified by the Ministry before the end of March 2008. For those who have yet to be notified after this period, may consider their application unsuccessful.

Application Form :

Medical Report

Visit the official website



  1. Sahr Fomba says:

    Non degree studies

  2. clifford simpson says:

    Hello, i completed Senior Secondary School nine years ago and also the Polytechnic with a Second Class Upper division grade. I want to know if i should use my polytechnic certificate or the Senior Secondary school certificate.

  3. Muhammed says:

    pls can i send my MIS form without the passport number. mine is not yet ready,
    i promise to provide it when ever it is available

  4. Muhammed says:

    pls can i send my MIS form without the passport number. mine is not yet ready,
    i promise to provide it when ever it is available


  5. RatanaRos says:

    I am really like this web cuz it give more information about scholarship.

  6. lalune says:

    Hi nice to know you. I just find ur site a quick and really interested on your subject. If u want to know me ur friend ple contact my mail.

    see u soo

  7. Linna says:

    I like this program. I like this program because it’s a chance for all Youth around the world.

  8. yazzi says:

    just wanted to know if this scholarship it only this year or ppl can applu next year also..

  9. the scholarship is every year!

  10. Nurgul says:

    if i am an undergraduate student 2nd year at the American University in Central Asia (Kyrgyztsan) sociology department , then can i apply for your undergraduate scholarship program?

  11. Yes, you can! Start the procedures now!

  12. Nurgul says:

    thank yo very much KhmerScholars for your prompt reply. I am very sorry but one more question:
    if i apply now does this mean that i can be enrolled for the 08-09 academic year? in the application process you indicated that applications should reach the Malaysian Government Rep. not later 31 December 2007.
    Thank you, Nurgul


    Dear Sir,
    please how can I downloading my application ?

  14. Kamal Abdulsalam says:

    I have downloaded the application form for the scholarsip but my admission is from a foreign university (Inti sarawak) if a such university applicat can not benefit please notice me and to which university can i change so the i can bene fit from this offortunety.

  15. Don’t worry if you carefully read the instruction!

  16. Bushra A. Taher says:

    First, thanks for the great web site

    I want to ask few questions if it is ok,

    1- Can I send the required documents to the Malaysian Embassy here in Sana’a..or should I send it to the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia?? Because I asked the people in the embassy & they said that I should send the papers directly to the Ministry.

    2- What about those who will be 21 years old shortly after the deadline(21-12-2009)..will that affect their acceptance in the scholarships or the desired university??

    3- About English proficiency, is local TOEFL accepted??or only international TOEFL is accepted?

    Sorry for tasking a lot & THANK YOU very much

  17. Iskandar Kurbanov says:

    Hello,I am an undergraduate student at University Utara Malaysia and I’ve finished my second semester here.I want to apply my documents for your scholarship program.My question is:
    Do I have to apply my GPA also?Or it is not necessary

  18. Iskandar Kurbanov says:

    Hello,I am an undergraduate student at University Utara Malaysia and I’ve finished my second semester here.I want to apply my documents for your scholarship program.My question is:
    Do I have to apply my current GPA grade also?Or it is not necessary

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