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JDS scholarship 2008-2009

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CambodiaCambodia Application for JDS 2008-2009 is under preparation.

The JDS Program is to provide nationalities of Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Kyrgyz Republic, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam with opportunities for academic research at Japanese higher educational institutions under the Grant Aid assistance by Government of Japan. From last year, the recruitment for Kyrgyz Republic is newly started. (The new recruitment for Indonesia was terminated at the year of 2005.)
The objective of this program is to support the respective Government in its efforts to facilitate its own plans for human resource development mainly for capacity building and institutional building, and thereby extend and enhance the bilateral relationship with Japan.

The JDS Program targets young government officers for public sector, researchers, business people and others with the potential to play leadership roles in their specialties after return to each country as well as to become leaders in their homeland in the 21st century.

This Program is implemented by the related Ministry of the respective countries, Government of Japan and JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). These JDS fellows have been sent to Japanese higher educational institutions to study the following subjects, depending on the targeted countries:

-Public policy/Administration
-Business Administration
-International Relations
-Agriculture/Rural Development
-Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
-Education/Educational Administration
-Health Administration
-Infrastructure Management
-Developing Engineering
-Environmental Policy

For those who are interested in applying for this JDS Program, please see the detailed information in each country. It should be noted that NO APPLICANTS OTHER THAN THE SAID COUNTRIES ARE QUALIFIED TO APPLY FOR THE JDS PROGRAM.

Rules for JDS Fellows[PDF : 922KB]
Rules for JDS Fellows(in Japanese)[PDF : 275KB]

Source: JICE scholarships (JDS), Japan



  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope to hear the news of JDS scholarship soon…

  2. srey siat! says:

    I can realize only Scholarship news but also can enjoy with KARAOKE songs !!!

    thank for site creater!

  3. Sokha says:

    I strongly want to have the information about scholarship of MBA. Please give me every updated information. Many thanks.

  4. scholar says:

    congrats to all cambodian .., do the best for the scholarships …

  5. Sokha,

    Please visit our blog again for more information about MBA program.


  6. Sokha says:

    I am really interested in MBA program of JDS scholarship but I better want to attend MBA in USA. However, I wonder why this website didn’t give me any contact number.

    Your assistance would be highly appreciated.

  7. Sokha says:

    Dear KhmerScholars

    Would you please give me every information about scholarship of MBA program for studying in USA.

    Your kind assistance would be highly appreciated.

    Best regards

  8. Hi Sokha,

    Please go to Scholarship page of our blog then you’ll see about Fulbright fellowship information and others, which you’ll be able to study in USA.

    Please read those information carefully, for it’ll be necessary for you to write your research plan for pursuing Master in USA.


  9. Sokha,
    Please use this link

    then go down you’ll see Mr. Chau Sa and his contact number.

  10. Sokha says:

    Dear KhmerScholars

    Many thanks for your kind assistance. Actually, I am Cambodian, not Australian. What is more, Fulbright scholarship program doesn’t offer yet at the time being. So, I think it will be taken long to be operated. However, I’m strongly interested in having scholarship for studying MBA in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and especially America. I hope I will reach my goal someday. This goal has appeared to me since before I was young. Do you know that I’ve strongly been wishing for passing scholarship to USA for years? In spite of that, I think my English is not well yet. So, could you please give me some samples of essay in order to pass scholarship program successfully. Therefore, would you please keep informing about scholarship program in Master Level.

    I fell very great to talk with KhmerScholars and hope you can offer me as requested.

    Best regards

  11. Sokha says:

    Dear KhmerScholars

    I have lived in Cambodia, not in Australia.

    Thanks for your question.

    Best regards

  12. Hi Sokha,

    That’s great to hear from you again and about your strong desire about studying abroad under the grant aid of any scholarships, not only to America, but also somewhere like Australia or UK.

    The information about those scholarships are also provided here. I’ll help you to explore this blog conveniently. As you can see the right side of this blog, there are Search, Recent Posts, Archives, and so on. When you scroll alittle bit down, you can see the titles Related Links or Scholarship. At Scholarship, you can see lots of links about famous study abroad scholarships for Cambodians such as AYF, JDS, Monbusho for Japan, NZAID for New Zealand, AIT for Thailand, Fulbright, Humphrey for America and so on.

    Regarding to those informations, please check each website and look up the deadline date and others as you expected to know. And, if you’re in troule, you’re allowed to make any inquiry here or at the based website. Anyway, make sure the strengthen your English ability initially.

    Best regards,

  13. Ly rathana says:

    Dear Khmer Scholors

    I would you to inform about the Scholorship of undergratuate.
    I’m in my year three in English Literature.

    Best wishes,

  14. Dea Rathana,

    Please check our Scholarship page then you’ll see all details about scholarships for all levels from Training course to Ph.D.

    If you’re not sure click this link:

    We recomment you for Monbukgakusho scholarship, JASSO scholarship, and so on for the Undergraduate course…

    Best wishes,

  15. TEFERI FIKADU says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am a recent graduate of agriculture with an outstanding acadamic achievements and i am badly in need of your institution for help as education and learnig is difficult in a country like ethiopia. Hence, i am urgently requisiting if you send me an application form via my e-mail for the acadamic year 2008/2009.

    with best regards!

    teferi fikadu tolera
    ethipian institute of agricultural research
    werer agricultural research center 2003 , addis ababa , ethiopia.

  16. Dear teferi fikadu tolera,

    For more information about scholarship in Ethiopia, please visit this link:

  17. Dear sir or madam,

    You might access to AIT website for alot of scholarship support.



  18. Dear Kanhchana,

    Thanks for your comment. I’ve already linked several necessary scholarship websites to our blog and website long time ago, those are Monbusho, Fulbright, AusAid, or AIT and so on. To access those links, you can check at the right hand side Scholarship links.

    Once again, thank you for the comment and I appreciated it.

  19. vanna says:

    hope all khmer students who are under graduate will be able to pass the scholarship \/

  20. Boudjedir Antar says:

    I have the honor to address myself to your high knowledge, Mister the person in charge to report the motivations to you which push me to begin in the selected formation. I chose this formation and in particular your university for these proposals of the profitable programs, varied and clearly defined in expression and comprehension worked out for the needs for each one, moreover for his medium of studies favorable. Your university equipped with the human means and materials will allow me of advantage to reach this formation and to evolve/move my capacities with the field of the economy. In addition please inform my present within a professional framework by hoping that it will draw your attention and that it will be sanctioned of a favorable response of your share. Please accept, Sir Madam, the expression of my most respectful feelings.

  21. Israel Getachew Ossana says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am graduate from University in BSC of PublicHealth.I want still to under take the second degree in fields related to Public Health. Please inform me in case any scholarship is available for this.
    With Best Regards

  22. sengngornsun says:

    Hi Sokha,
    This is my first time to talk to you on this website and i am interested in your mail news. You are really one of the lucky and successful scholars. i appreciate you for your such talent.
    For me, i am longe-time wishing for JDS scholarship.
    Actually, last year i already passed the ITP test, but i unfortunately failed on the research scanning test.
    So, if you are kind enough could you provide me any model of your own research papers so that i will be more able to reach all passed.

    Many thanks in advance, May God bless you well.

  23. amakelew shitiye says:

    dear sir/madam
    for the time being i am learning for mechanical engineering field of study at bahar dar universty, bahar dar, ethiopia.if you have any news in relation with engineering field for scholarship please don’t forget me.

    i am just waiting for you.

  24. endris mohammed adem says:

    your format of scolar ship was absent .how do you get?

  25. prodip says:

    Well for information

  26. Dears,
    I am graguateda in law degree from Haremaya university DireDawa Ethiopiain 2006.I had experilence in teaching law at vareious colleges,and also as assistant jude in Addis Ababa city court.I want to stdy my post graduation on peace and conflict resolution .I appertiate if you find me any scholarship

  27. ash says:

    I am working as a software engineer in bangladesh. Have exprience of almost 2 years. My japanese proficiency is equivalent to level-3.
    Is there any opportunity for scholarship in japan who know japanese?

  28. Ouk Raya says:

    Hello! I just want to know about the information about scholarship to Japanese because I have been trying for several days about it, but I still get nothing about it. Could you tell me where to get information about scholarship to Japanese. I just graduated from high school. my email is

  29. Sary Mam says:

    Let help me find master degree of agriculture.

  30. SMLN says:

    Dear Sir or Madam

    Please give me some ideas related to interiew step of JDS? They can be the sample questions that are always asked during that session and you can give me more than that if possible.


  31. PUM Dalis says:

    I would like you to inform me whenever the recruitment of Khmer scholarship of this JDS again.

    Thank you for advance

  32. ashenafi says:

    Dear sir/madam
    i want to know more about the scholrship that you have launched. if you are willing please give me abette information about it. i am mechanical engineering student in ethiopia. i am waiting your response urgently.
    thank you.

  33. Girma Amde says:

    I am health education and behavioral science bsc stundent in jimma university i want to apply your scholarship.AND PLEASE GIVE ME AN INFORMATION IF I CAN.

  34. I am a second year computer science student in jimma university(IN ETHIOPIA).

    I want to apply your scholarship.AND PLEASE GIVE ME AN INFORMATION IF I CAN.

  35. DANIEL WORKU says:

    I am a second year computer science student in jimma university (IN ETHIOPIA).

    I want to apply your scholarship.AND PLEASE GIVE ME AN INFORMATION IF I CAN.

  36. I am a second year computer science student in jimma university (IN ETHIOPIA).

    I want to apply your scholarship.AND PLEASE GIVE ME AN INFORMATION IF I CAN.

  37. I am a second year computer science student in jimma university ( ETHIOPIA).

    I want to apply your scholarship.AND PLEASE GIVE ME AN INFORMATION IF I CAN.

  38. I am a first year computer science student in jimma university ( ETHIOPIA).

    I want to apply your scholarship.AND PLEASE GIVE ME AN INFORMATION IF I CAN.

  39. SAMSON BELETE says:



  40. MEZGEBU ADDISU says:



  41. SISSAY DECHASA says:

    I a second year technonolgy student in Jimma Unversity (ETHIOPIA)
    I want to apply your scholarship.AND PLEASE GIVE ME AN INFORMATION IF I CAN.


  43. Amralla Mashallah says:

    i am first year Anesthesia student in Jimma University. i want to apply your scholarship program. please give me the chance.

    thank you

  44. shambel ferede says:

    I want to apply shcolarship in japan ,how can I can get thier appliction form by email.



  46. I would like to join this scholarship

  47. Lemma says:

    I would like to compete with given chance that have been given by Japan country

  48. michaele teklu abay says:

    I am second year mathematics student( in education). i would like to apply for the scolarship you offer.

  49. daniel tewelde aregawee says:

    I am first year water resource and enviromental engineering student . i would like to apply for the scolarship you offer.

  50. Gezahegn setegn says:

    I am an environmental health science Bsc. stundent in Jimma university i want to apply for your scholarship.AND PLEASE GIVE ME detail INFORMATION IF I CAN.

  51. I’m computer science first year in jimma university.
    I troble so much to follow education properlly in university.If you asked why?
    Here is my answer…
    My fatheer was died.
    My mother is farmer and her income is extremely low,this is not enough to help me and our family.
    When I was follow education in high school, I was support myself by doing ajop in my rest time.
    And now university this is impossible to me.
    When I hear the chance which come from you I surprised so much and I expect that is a greatest gift to me.
    I need scholar in computer science and architecture in short computer engineering.
    I thanks so much for your gift!

  52. Dear
    I am Electrical and Computer Engineering first year student in Jimma University.My Father is died and my Mother is poor becouse of these,when I learn in Jimma University I am in problem.If I dont afected by these problem I do more and I score high mark.Becouse of these I want your Scholarship.Then please help by these chance
    Thank You

  53. SOLOMON ASSEFA says:

    I am mechanical Engineering first year student in addis ababa university my family expects me for the fiuture to be an archtect man but i can not get this chance i score high mark becouse of these i want to study in field of archtecture then please help me for this chance
    thank you


    I am final year health education and promotion student at Jimma university , Ethiopia. I wanna learn further education in health stream.That is why I signed up. please give me more information about the opportunity.

  55. haile dechasa says:

    Hello! i am secand year information science (studies)student in Jimma UniversityI just want to know about the information about scholarship to Japanese because I have been trying for several days about it, but I still get nothing about it. Could you tell me where to get information about scholarship to Japanese. I just graduated from high school. my email is :

  56. DEJENE TAMENE says:

    I am second year student in Jimma University in Law faculty. I would like to join your scholarship program in field of international realation.


    I am second year of Law student at Jima Universlty.I would like to join yuor scholarship program in field of international relation.So,I wanna learn at Japan and I ask yuo as yuo help me?

  58. Mohamed Adem says:

    I am second year student in Jimma University in law faculty. Though I was desperatly craving to join internationl relations, as a matter of chance I joined law faculty. After a have seen your scholarship program I desirfully applied to join the field I was desiring for for a long time that is international relations. And, if you give me the chance ,I hope i will succesfully carried it out, so pleace soppar me in realizing my dream.


    I am second year water Engineering students in Jimaa Universty (ETHIOPIA) I want to aplay to join yuor scholarship please give me this chance


    I am second year technonolgy student in Jimma Unversity (ETHIOPIA)
    I want to apply your scholarship.AND PLEASE GIVE ME AN INFORMATION IF I CAN.

  61. Shifara Ragasa says:

    I would like to join it

  62. Theary says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am veary please when I saw this scholarship ,I live in Cambodia. I am studying Accounting for second year inddition I am studying English at Australia Center for Education(ACE) at level 7. So that I spend alot of money for studying so I would like to ask your scholarship to support my study to continue hight education.Could you give how to apply your sholarship it is very important for me.

    I look for word to hearing from you,if you need any imformation I will give you more.Thank you in advance.

    Your sincely

  63. Thol says:

    Dear Khmer sholarship,

    I’m Thol, a senior graduated student in private school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia; I am, currently, working for multi national company that is right every thing in my company seem to be very challenge. Anyway, I want to pursue my master degree in abroad to apply to my recent working.

    Would you mind tell me about how to apply for this scholarship and other requirement?

    It would be highly appreciated, if your answers come up soon. Thank you,

    Best regards,

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